Butte County - CAL FIRE is pleased to announce the long-awaited construction of a new administration facility and fire station at its Butte Unit Headquarters on Nelson Ave in Oroville. Work is scheduled to begin Monday, April 2, 2018. Bobo Construction, Inc. from Elk Grove, California, was awarded the demolition/construction contract for $24,586,010 in December, 2017.

The project includes complete demolition and re-grading of the current 4 1⁄2 acre facility, except for the Emergency Command Center building. The project involves the construction of nine replacement buildings, including a new fire station, fleet maintenance shop, administration building, and warehouse.

“The modern headquarters will replace one that is nearly 70 years old. Although the facility has served the Butte Unit well, it has become obsolete and requires a tremendous amount of repair to maintain its functionality. For example, modern day fire engines don’t fit inside the fleet maintenance shop or fire station, creating significant challenges in the efficiency of our operations”, stated Butte Unit Chief Darren Read.

To maintain its mission, CAL FIRE has moved its staff and fire engines to nearby locations during the nearly two-year construction period. Thermalito will continue to be served by its primary engine company (Engine 63), located in a temporary station just blocks away from the current address. For fire permits, Thermalito residents are asked to visit the Kelly Ridge Fire Station, located at 22 Walnut Ave., Oroville. For general inquires, the public can call or visit CAL FIRE's temporary Unit Headquarters at 220 Grand Ave, Oroville, or call (530) 538-7111. For a copy of a fire report, the Fire Prevention Bureau is temporarily located at 9341 Midway, Durham, and can be reached at (530) 538-7888.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the public, but we are looking forward to our new facility, where we can serve Butte County residents and visitors better than ever.