The Kids' Choir will present the children's spring musical "Survivor Babylon" on Sunday, March 25 at 10:30 a.m., and 4:30 p.m, at the Gridley Christian Church.

All are welcome to attend this 35 minute musical. Twenty-two children ages four and older combine their talents to remind us that God will always take care of us no matter where we are or what type of situation we are in.

Drama, singing, choreography, costumes, and lighting are all combined in this Christian musical theater production to teach us that we can need to stand up and do what is right in God's sight. Whatever the circumstance, we can trust in God.

Co-hosts Kitty Zurich (Evie LaBuff) and Don Mather (Kyle Taylor) introduce those who attend to this upbeat and fun musical about the Old Testament characters of Shadrach (Audrey Johnson), Meshach (Ian McFarland), and Abednego (Kaitlyn Hubbard.) King Nebuchadnezzar (Tommy Burks) issued a decree that all should bow down to his immense golden statue or else burn in the fiery furnace. The seven furnace keepers (Jasmine Johnson, Cora Lawrence, Marcus Hildebrand, Millie Arellano, Julia Emerson, Ellie McFarland and Michaela Gorst) make sure that the king's order is carried out.

The performance is free of charge. Gridley Christian Church is located on the corner of Hazel and Washington Streets next to SavMor Market. Call Bonnie at 933-9845 for more information about the summer "Heaven's Kitchen" music camp July 23-29.