During a recent Gridley Lions meeting, the Lions South Butte Zone speakers contest was held at the Gridley Lions Clubhouse. Competing at this second level after winning in their local club contests, were Orrin Jones, representing the Live Oak Lions Club, and Sierra Spears representing the Gridley Lions Club. The contest is open to anyone of high school age and is held annually on a topic that is selected by the California Council of Lions' Governors that has importance and meaning to our state or nation as a whole. This years topic, "Integrity and Civility Play What Role in Today's Society?", certainly is a great concern to the nation and its citizens. Winning the Zone contest was Sierra Spears. Sierra will now go on to compete in the Lions Regional contest to be held on March 31, at the Chico Enloe Rehab Center on West East Ave at 2 p.m. The contest is open to the public, and will involve other Zone winners from this area. Speech contestants in this state contest are competing for over $103,000 in scholarships and cash prizes. Zone Chairman Vern Hartman was in charge of this latest contest.