It doesn’t get much better than being able to have two successful businesses in your home town, while also doing your part to help the environment.

That’s just what Gridley native and Gridley High School alum Jon Moss gets to do: He’s a fourth-generation rice farmer in the area, and for the past two decades, he’s operated an earthmoving business: Nor-Cal Earthmoving.

Based in rural Gridley, Nor-Cal Earthmoving helps with wetland development, as well as other agricultural work.

“We build huge water delivery systems, including reservoirs,” Moss said. “We run huge equipment, 600-horsepower tractors and 28-yard scrapers.”

Sometimes, landowners decide to repurpose their land, turning it into wetlands.

That means a lot of earth has to be moved around.

And that’s where a company like Nor-Cal Earthmoving comes in.

Employing a staff of 8, Moss’s company uses huge pieces of equipment to move all that dirt around, and also create water delivery systems to feed those new wetlands.

“If we build it, the water will come,” Moss said with a smile

It’s a labor of love, and one that Moss enjoys greatly.

One of the best feelings, Moss said, is being invited by a property owner to hunt on the properties his company helps develop.

“That’s really pretty special,” Moss said.

Moss and some of his staff are waterfowl hunters.

The busy time for an earthmoving business is the dry season, which starts in April and runs until about November in an average year.

The offseason, Moss said. Is good for maintaining the equipment – and taking some time off.

Moss is married to Melissa. They have three children: Tyler, Kennedy and Maverick.