A favorable "clean, free of any findings" Annual Financial Audit Report presented to the Gridley City Council by third party Independent Auditor Mann, Urrutia, Nelson, CPAs & Associates, LLP lead to discussion regarding the antiquated computer system the City has used and showed concern for for many years.

Mayor Frank Hall asked the auditor if any of the other cities he works with have their own electrical sales to which he received a "no" answer.

Of concern to the Council is the amount of time that staff spends entering data manually, not to mention the very expensive system that would have to replace the current one.

City Administrator Paul Eckert received the go-ahead to obtain price quotes to replace the system that Vice Mayor Bruce Johnson stated had to be at least 10 years old.

"This system has cost us a lot of money in the last 10, 12 or 15 years. A lot," the Vice Mayor stated.

Eckert said he is very enthused that Finance Director Juan Solis has had experience in changing computer software for complex agencies, such as the City of Gridley.

"Obtaining the bids and specifications is probably the easiest part. The most important thing is the transition. To have someone who has done this Step A to Step Z, it means a lot," Eckert told Council members.

"It's painful but you have to do things the right way," Solis agreed.

Vice Mayor Johnson spoke regarding the City system going down over the weekend and the amount of manpower it took to work on it.

"It is still down because it is an antiquated system. The old server cannot handle our amount of work," he stated.

Councilman Ray Borges asked if the City had the money to replace the old system and Eckert said staff would explain where the money would come from when he presents recommendations for replacement.

Solis stated the City has to have a system that would recognize their needs. He also thanked City staff for their help with the audit.

"Just because we don't have a new system we need, the control is there," he stated.