The third and final reading to revise Board Policy, Administrative Regulation and Exhibit for Drug Testing of students in the Gridley Unified School District was conducted February 21, 2018 during a regular board meeting.

Sections added to the Drug Testing section include but are not limited to: "Participation in the district's drug testing program shall require the written consent of students' parents/guardians. The Superintendent or designee shall provide information about the program, including the district's policy and procedures, to all high school students and their parents/guardians at the beginning of the school year. All informational materials provided for this purpose shall contain clear statements about how the program will be implemented, including, but not limited to, a list of very substance that is to be test for and how students may be withdrawn from participation in the program."

Under the Parental Notifications and Student Records section, "Drug testing procedures shall ensure appropriate student privacy while maintaining the viability of the process. The specimen shall be collected in a private facility behind a closed door," was added to the policy.

It continues, "Parents/guardians shall be notified after any positive test results are confirmed. Test results shall be kept separate from the student's other educational records and shall be disclosed only to school staff designated by the Superintendent or designee as responsible for program implementation. The district shall not release test results to law enforcement authorities except in compliance with a court order."

As part of the Staff Development, the policy reads, "The Superintendent or designee shall provide training to principals, coaches and other district staff involved in implementing the district's drug testing program."

The Staff Development section continues, "Students who test positive in any voluntary drug testing program shall be encouraged to or required (multiple positive tests) participate in an assistance program and will be required to take subsequent drug tests as a condition of athletic competition. No disciplinary or punitive action outside of athletic competition shall be taken against any student who tests positive in the voluntary drug testing program."

The Random Drug Testing for Athletics section reads, "The Superintendent or designee may establish a non voluntary, random drug testing program for students participating in athletics."

Discussion of the board regarding voluntary testing and athletics followed with Superintendent Reeves stating if an athlete does not have a voluntary test done they will not play sports.

Trustee Kirsten Storne-Piazza stated Butte County recently did a Community Health Assessment survey pertaining to current age related deaths (drug??) is 10.5 percent and Butte County is 32 percent.

Reeves agreed by stating, "Yes there are other kids out there. Butte County is very high. We need to get information on treatment plans to parents to help them."