Already declared to be an annual event, the Gridley FFA and Live Oak FFA will hold their first "County Line Cook-Off" February 23 at Live Oak High School.

Students are busy fabricating their barbecues and are ready for this fun event which will be held the next year at Gridley High School.

Gridley FFA members are grateful for barrels donated by Smuckers in Chico and scrap iron from Wizard of Chico also.

Students have 15 days to build their barbecues and the awards for the competition are being done by students in the laser room at Gridley High.

FFA students can build a barbecue by themselves but if they have partners, they must use two barrels.

The BBQ Competition will be held during FFA Week, February 23, 2018 following Gridley's Tractor Day on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 when students drive their tractors to school.

Gridley's welding class is happy to manufacture individual products for the community, having recently completed several aluminum river boat seats. Students work on extra projects during their "Open Shop" on Wednesday evenings when Advisor Nick Dreesman sticks around as students work on their projects or certifications.

"Every day somebody comes in with something they need," Dreesman said.