As part of its ongoing effort to support local communities, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has donated 70 tons of surplus metal pipe to Butte College’s welding program—requiring five truckloads to deliver.

PG&E does not see a future demand for this type of pipe based on pipe standardization efforts and reduction in new pipe procurement costs. The donated pipe will provide Butte College welding program students with enough material for thousands of hours of welding lessons and practice.

“Butte College’s welding program is well recognized in the industry as an excellent school and PG&E has hired many graduates. Qualified welders are in high demand and getting experience means learning by doing. Rather than sell the pipe for scrap, we felt it would be best used to benefit future welders,” said Carl Schoenhofer, senior manager of PG&E’s North Valley Division.

The pipe totals nearly 1,500 feet in length and ranges from 10-inches to 42-inches in diameter and will be trucked to Butte College from a PG&E facility in Stockton. Butte College will share the pipe with high school and other college welding students.

“Our welding program at Butte College will definitely benefit from this donation of pipe from PG&E which will be used in our welding classes,” said Don Robinson, Butte College welding instructor. “This donation wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Kerry Shatell, Sr. Welding Engineer with PG&E’s Gas Operations – Standards & Procedures, who was extremely instrumental in the procurement of the pipe. This donation will help train students how to weld large diameter pipe found in the field and benefit advanced manufacturing course offerings throughout the state.”

In addition to PG&E’s donation of pipe, C.H. Robinson provided a reduced rate on the trucking fees, and Charlie Poole, Deputy Sector Navigator in Advanced Manufacturing in the Far North with Doing What Matters effort, provided partial funding for transportation.

Butte College offers a PowerPathway gas pipeline welding certificate that was designed with help by PG&E and specifically trains welders for potential career positions within PG&E.

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