The UC Davis Pediatric Telemedicine Program, the first of its kind in the United States, provides physicians and patients real-time remote consultation and evaluation through interactive, high-definition video and audio communication. This enhanced video technology allows UC Davis to offer around the clock 24/7 expertise to Orchard Hospital health-care providers, without the need to transfer a patient to UC Davis Children's Hospital.

UC Davis specialists conduct an average of 2,800 inpatient and outpatient telemedicine consultations each year. Through the program, UC Davis emergency medicine physicians, neonatologists and critical specialists connect directly to remote hospital emergency departments, newborn nurseries and inpatient wards to provide care and consultation for infants, children and adolescents who experience traumatic injuries, life-threatening infectious diseases or other critical illnesses.

As demonstrated last Friday with UC Davis representatives visiting Orchard Hospital for a test-run, Gridley's physicians will be connected to UC Davis specialists with just a flip of a switch on the tower that rolls from room to room where necessary making it possible for the patient to see the specialists who are there to consult on a screen within two minutes time.

The UC Davis specialists are available for any patient consultations anytime, not just certain types of cases for this collaborative care which can include resuscitations, to providing recommendations for medications. They can serve as part of a team while CPR is administered and oversee if a code is necessary.

Test calls are made each week by UC Davis to ensure that the telemedicine equipment is always up and ready for the next use,

The telemedicine program is one more way to ensure that youth won't have to be transferred unless absolutely necessary, With the addition of the UC Davis Telemedicine program parents can rest assured that Orchard Hospital is now equipped to treat children no matter how young.