California school districts are provided with a recommended board policy manual by the California School Boards Association which requires approval by each school board in order to bring the district's policies manuals up-to-date.

The first reading of Board Policy for Student Drug Testing was conducted at the Gridley Unified School Board meeting January 10, 2018.

"To support the district's drug abuse prevention efforts, the Board desires to establish a drug testing program in the district's high school that will discourage illegal drug use among students and timely identify and refer drug users to appropriate counseling and rehabilitative services," the report presented by Superintendent Jordan Reeves read.

Written consent of a student's parents/guardians is required for participation in the drug testing program. Information is to be provided to each high school student and their parents/guardians regarding the district's policy and procedures at the beginning of each school year.

"Drug testing procedures shall ensure appropriate student privacy while maintaining the viability of the process," the policy reads.

"Parents/guardians shall be notified after any positive test results are confirmed. Test results shall be kept separate from the student's other educational records and shall be disclosed only to school staff designated by the Superintendent or designee as responsible for program implementation.

In other matters, the board approved the 2016-2017 English Learner Program Evaluation which shows progress of English Learners towards proficiency in English; the number and percentage of students reclassified as fluent English proficient; the number and percentage of English learners who are at risk of being classified as longterm English learners; the achievement of English learners on standards-based tests in core areas; progress towards any other goals for English Learners identified in the LCAp and a comparison of current data with data from at least the previous year.

The LEA Title 1 Program evaluation report was approved following a report by Superintendent Reeves. The program is annually evaluated for the effectiveness of the activities funded by the Title 1 program using academic assessment criteria including the results from state assessments and other available measures to determine whether schools are making progress.

The 2016-2017 financial audit was approved and is forwarded to the State and Federal government providing assurance of the District's compliance with funding regulations.

With interest in the formation of a Clay Target Team at Gridley High School, the board approved the program through the California High School Clay Target League as an extracurricular co-ed and adaptive activity for grades 9-12 who have met property safety requirements such as a hunter safety course.

The season would start in April. Registered student athletes receive accident insurance and each registered coach and volunteer receives liability insurance policy from the league. There are currently 300 colleges that offer scholarships for shooting sports. Superintendent Reeves told the board a volunteer coach will cover the 2017-2018 school year.