Although the City of Gridley offers the Feather Flyer for senior citizens for local travel, it has been well over 40 years since Gridley had their own taxi service and the beginning of 2018 brings us to a new level with the addition of Uber.

Founded in San Francisco in 2009, Uber is available by downloading an app on a Smartphone. Once the profile is done with either your credit card or debit card information for billing, you just need to arrange your first trip.

Mike Daly has lived in East Biggs over four years and when he isn't at his full time job he is offering Uber rides Friday evenings through Sunday evenings. During the week, Daley works in the Admissions Office at the University of the Pacific in Stockton.

Many times people have needed a ride to the airport, whether it be to Sacramento or San Francisco, and now an affordable option is available. Daly said he took Uber to the airport for a fraction of the cost normally.

"What I like about Uber driving is meeting new people plus I like to drive so it allows me to do both at the same time and make some extra money to help support my kids in college so it's been a win-win for me," he said,

Daly has five children, three in college, two in high school.

"From my experience in living in the Biggs/Gridley area, it's not well served by public or even private transportation services, so I think serving the area as an Uber driver would help a lot of people needing a safe, convenient and more affordable ride service," Daly stated.

Advance notice is best of course, especially for longer trips out of town to be sure that Daly is available but trips to casinos, airports, bachelorette parties or just group trips will no doubt be a large part of Daly's drives.

"This is a great way to enjoy a safe drive home," Daly explained. He can fit up to six passengers in his car so start planning your next trip now.

For more information please text Daly at 626-253-5433 or email: