The beginning of a new year means many things and for Orchard Hospital it is a time to celebrate the expansion of Hovlid Community Care Center next door with 82 beds available.

Since 1968, the hospital has offered skilled nursing through the Hovlid Community Care Center, named after Clella Hovlid who began her career at the hospital as a nurse and was Superintendent of Nursing until 1953 when she was appointed Hospital Administrator until retiring in 1979.

Hovlid has offered just 21 beds available to residents at the north side of the hospital with a waiting list because of the vast need for senior living with rehabilitation services with full time nursing.

Leasing the property next door, the former Gridley Healthcare and Wellness Center, means many families can bring their loved ones home to Gridley to be closer to them to receive excellent care and making it so much easier on the family members who were traveling out of town, many every day to check on their loved one.

A Special Grand Opening Open House is being hosted by Orchard Hospital at the Hovlid Community Care Center Friday, January 12 with the dedication beginning at 11 a.m.

The grounds are manicured and the main building is beautiful, ready for the current Hovlid residents to be moved to their new home on January 3. Once those residents are settled in their new surroundings it will be time to bring the new residents in who have been waiting patiently for Hovlid to open.

It is an exciting time at Orchard Hospital and the Hovlid Community Care Center with the much-needed expansion for long term care. “Our New Hovlid Community Care Center will not only enable us to take care of more of our seniors closer to home, but also create more jobs for Gridley and our surrounding communities,” said Steve Stark, Orchard Hospital’s chief executive officer.