Cory Iverson, 32-years-old, a highly respected and well-liked Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE) with CAL FIRE, was killed Thursday, December 14 in the Thomas Fire roaring through Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

CAL FIRE Local 2881 President, Mike Lopez, left Sacramento immediately to be with his firefighters and to help care for Cory’s family.

The following is a statement from President Lopez:

“Firefighting is a noble profession and the men and women who make it their life sometimes pay for it with their lives. As colleagues and as human beings we grieve for this young man with such a bright future and the young family that will now go forward without a loving husband and father. We pray that they will always understand that Cory was a hero and, because of him, our communities are safe and people are able to sleep knowing that the dangerous calls get answered by someone. This holiday season is now a time to grieve and to reflect and to remember that security comes with a price.”