On Friday, December the 8, Ciel, Rio and friend Amethyst will be having an art fundraiser for Save The Children at Safeway. They will be selling all their art and taking donations to help children and their families who were the victims of Hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico. They will be there from 3 - 6 p.m., taking as many donations as they can to send to the Save The Children Organization.

Fund Raiser in Gridley for Save The Children, Puerto Rico

According to a recent report from ABC news, Close to 50 percent of the population is still without power; Drinking water is still not accessible to everyone, 1385 remain in shelters, 75.5 percent of telecommunications have been restored.

Three local children are hosting an Artwork Fund Raiser accepting donations Friday, December 8, at Safeway from 3 to 6 p.m.

Many people in Puerto Rico will be spending the holidays in difficult to cope situations. Thankfully many people have come out to help our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico and Ciel, Rio and Amethyst jumped into action when they heard the news, creating many works of art to sell. All proceeds go to the Save The Children organization in Puerto Rico.