The Gridley Emergency Relief Services (G.E.R.S.) is a local organization that helps churches provide emergency relief to families and individuals who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulties.

In addition to helping churches provide relief, G.E.R.S. works with local churches to distribute food baskets during the Christmas season.

Last year, G.E.R.S., along with several local churches provided food baskets to 108 families. This year G.E.R.S., will be handing out Christmas Baskets at the First Baptist Church, 100 Vermont Street, Saturday, December 9, from 9 a.m., to 11 a.m.

G.E.R.S. is now accepting donations from individuals and organizations to help fund the annual Christmas Food Basket giveaway and ongoing service to the community throughout the year. You may mail donations made payable to G.E.R.S., PO Box 931, Gridley, Ca 95948.

You may also donate through your church. If you are interested in helping to prepare and/or distribute of the Food Baskets, please notify your pastor. In addition, you may email G.E.R.S., at