Executive Director of the Sutter Buttes Flood Control Agency, (SBFCA) Mike Inamine gave an extensive update to Live Oak's Mayor Jason Banks and Vice Mayor Aleks Tica November 1 in what was scheduled to be a regular Council meeting but instead served as a way for updates on projects instead.

Inamine explained a lot of projects were delayed with the issues on the Feather River and if the evacuation of Butte and Sutter Counties had not happened in February we would have heard more about the levee project in Marysville where the levee was actually seeping.

SBFCA was formed in 2007 comprised of the counties of Sutter and Butte and the Cities of Yuba City, Live Oak, Biggs and Gridley along with levee Districts 1 & 9.

The project covers a 200 year level of protection for Yuba City and north and 100 year protection for the remainder of project to the south.

SBFCA is engaged in many projects but the most important is the Feather River West Levee project, Thermalito Afterbay to the north to Star Bend to the south.

The Feather River West Levee Project design began in 2010 with construction beginning in 2013. The project has to end in 2017 according to Inamine.

The total cost of this project is $300 million, with roughly 76 percent of the funding coming from the State of California and the from balance local assessment dollars

The 2017 state funding committed to date is $253 million.

"New construction will start in 2018. Visit our website, attend meetings, there will be tours on Saturday, December 2 of what work has been done and the plans coming up," Inamine told Council members.

Mayor Banks said the group is doing a great job. "You have no idea what an understatement in finance, just seeing 76 percent on the numbers . Mike and his staff do a phenomenal job getting finances and leveraging money we have. We get a detailed look at this on the board. This is the most concise version I have seen at one seating."