City Planner Donna Decker presented the introduction and first reading of the proposed amendment to Chapter 14, Development Impact Fees to the Gridley Municipal Code followed by a Public Hearing at Monday night's regular Council meeting. Changes proposed resulted from the October 9, 2017 Gridley City Planning Commission meeting.

The amendment would establish reduced development fees for second residential units, in some cases garages converted to living quarters.

The fees have not increased since 2008 and Decker told Council members the square footage for existing garage or accessory structures is typically 200 to 700 square foot increasing the livable space of existing structures. The Gridley City Municipal Code allows up to 1,200 square feet in size for second residential units. With the proposed new rates, the development impact fee would be $2,999.35 for the conversion of an existing garage or accessory structure to habitable space as a second residential unit without separation of utilities at the time of building permit issuance. This would reflect a 57 percent reduction which was met with a unanimous vote of the Council for this first reading and Public Hearing. The largest impact for a second unit is related to life safety, recreation and roads. The fee for fire and police would stay at 100 percent of the existing fee with fire protection at $1,601 and police protection $119.00. A reduced fee (15 percent of the existing fee) for parks $548.85 and Streets (50 percent of the existing fee) $730.50.

Second units are generally connected to sewer, water and electric with the primary residence. If an owner wishes to separate these services, then impact fees would need to be paid along with separate addressing established.

The City of Gridley General Plan Housing Element and the Infill Design Guidelines support second residential units a infill housing supporting the community goals; second units are generally smaller and the use of public facilities is likely to be less, according to Decker.