It didn't take long, we knew the increased speed on Highway 99 coming into Gridley would cause accidents and thanks to Cal Trans, area businesses will be seeing their revenue raise from the stupidity of the increase of speed.

Cal Trans raising the speed limit coming into town on an already dangerous speedway with vehicles traveling well over the posted speed before is asking for more accidents.

Though we love to see businesses such as RT's Auto Body and Gridley Country Ford gain business, this isn't the way it should be done. We certainly hope Orchard Hospital and then Gridley Block Funeral Chapel do not benefit from Cal Trans stupid move.

What happened to the talk of lowering the speed limit at their Highway 99 project meetings?

Did they raise the speed limit in Gridley because we didn't go for their stupid idea of round abouts? Is this payback? Makes you wonder.

Just last month our photographer was entering Gridley from the north at 5 a.m., on the way to the gym when she was rear ended by a gal, unofficially estimated to be traveling at 70 mph on her way to work who stated our photographer was "going too slow"..... at 45 mph the posted speed limit then.

On Tuesday night at 5 p.m., three pickups were involved in a collision when one rear ended another in a chain reaction. Taking pictures from across the street I cringed as I watched our police officers standing in the middle of the dangerous highway at dusk trying to clear the traffic before another accident could occur.

Who gave CalTrans the right to put lives at risk? How long will it be before we have a fatality? No doubt it will be at W. Liberty Road and Hwy. 99 where cars exiting town way above the now posted 50 mph will no doubt run into some poor soul pulling out into the traffic, not realizing how fast they are going.

This unnecessary increase in the speed of traffic puts everyone at risk and it means more potential risk for the high school children who are crossing either as pedestrians or in cars. Kids at this age aren't always thinking of the perils of the traffic as they make their mad dash to lunch.

Please parents, warn your children that thanks to CalTrans our highway is much more dangerous than it was.