Passenger car and light truck tires will be accepted. No oversize, off-road, semi-truck or tires over 36” in diameter will be accepted. Tire Amnesty Day is good news for Butte County. “Old waste tires are great incubators for mosquitoes, a carrier of the West Nile Virus,” said Steve Rodowick, Butte County Recycling Coordinator. “By helping the public remove these breeding sites from the County, everybody will benefit.” The tires will be hauled away by Waste Recovery West, Inc. and will be used for either energy generation or refabricated for alternative surfaces such as rubberized asphalt and playground cover. No tires will be buried in landfills.

Rodowick noted that the current state transportation regulations prohibit the hauling of more than nine waste tires without a waiver from the County Environmental Health Department. Waiver applications can be found at the County Environmental Health web page at:

Butte County residents should call (530) 879-2352 Tuesday through Friday to make an appointment. Residents can arrange to make multiple appointments if they have more than the allowable number of nine tires for drop-off. Appointment slots are limited so call early to schedule your drop-off day. 

Tire Amnesty Day is funded by a grant from the California Department of Resources Recovery and Recycling (CalRecycle) and by an allocation from the Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility.