The Gridley Titans Midget team has had an excellent season all the way to 10-0 under the guidance of head coach Perry Roles and assistant coaches James Carr, John McEntire and Eddie Del Rio.

The kids have given it their all and shown what perseverance and a lot of practice can bring. Congratulations to the following players who will be looking for the D2 Championship title following Saturday's game at 2 p.m., in the Boneyard: Riley Rutherford, Shay Carr, Matt Lolmaugh, Ryan Smith, Shayne Loudermilk, Camren Jackson, Ethan Baxter, Tyler Farr, Marc Mattos, Deacon Flores, David Gonzalez, Kaleb Cloyd, Zack Tull, Jack Galles, Jayden Punzo, Cody Roles, Antonio Sormano, Jerricho Spade, Michael Sanchez, Rilan Robinson and Dante Cardona.

Good Luck!!!!!