Orchard Hospital is currently facing serious economic challenges and has been forced to implement immediate cost-cutting measures to ensure the success of the hospital, now and into the future.  This year, they have seen a significant increase of patients with insurance from its worst paying payer.  Additionally, the Hospital Fee Program, which provides approximately $250,000 per month to the hospital, is currently delayed by nearly a year and other funding they had hoped for, such as the special tax measure “M”, failed to get support last November.  The hospital was forced to find a solution to remain operational under these conditions and cost cutting measures were implemented on October 27th and unfortunately, part of the cost-cutting measures involved a reduction in hospital staff.

“The decision to implement staff layoffs was not an easy decision.”, says Steve Stark, Orchard Hospital’s chief executive officer. “The decision was made after a careful and thoughtful review of all of our options, realizing that many good people would be affected.”, he continues, “A layoff was the last choice we wanted to make at Orchard Hospital and it is not the only expense cuts we made; however, given the financial issues we are facing, staff reductions became necessary for the survival of our hospital and for the patients and communities we serve.”