It was very upsetting for many families when Gridley Healthcare and Wellness closed in 2014 which meant having to uproot their loved ones to other towns, some at least an hour away.

Orchard Hospital has now leased the 82 bed Skilled Nursing building and will expand their Hovlid Community Care Center by moving the department to their new facility by the beginning of 2018.

Hovlid opened in 1968 and was named after Clella Hovlid who began her career as a nurse at the hospital in the Obstetrics Department when it opened in 1949. She was then Superintendent of Nursing and in 1953 appointed as Hospital Administrator until retiring in 1979.

With Hovlid Community Care Center expanded this means it will no longer be necessary to have a waiting list due to the capacity of just 21 residents.

It also means those who had to transfer their loved ones out of town in 2014 will have the option to bring them closer home for added convenience.

“Our new Hovlid will help keep more patients close to home, where friends are caring for friends”, said Steve Stark, Orchard Hospital’s chief executive officer.

For more information on Hovlid Community Care Center call John Turner at 530-701-7114.