As moments go, they don't get much more special than the moment the homecoming king and queen are announced.

That special tradition renewed itself again last Friday  night at Gridley High School as the torch was passed to another new king and queen.

At Gridley blue and gold balloons are released by the winning couple, and when the balloons went up this year, it was Kathryn Sanchez and Jace Villapania celebrating.

Sanchez, a cheerleader, is involved in the Leadership class and plans to attend a junior college before transferring to a 4-year university.

'It was pretty special," Sanchez said of the moment she and Villapania won.

Villapania, meanwhile, is quarterback of the football team and plans to go on to college to further his athletic career next year.

In the second half of the game, Villapania capped off a memorable night by throwing the winning TD pass late to lead the Bulldogs to victory over Las Plumas.

Both Sanchez and Villapania said the night will go down as one of their favorite high school memories.