Saturday, September 30 was to be the 21st birthday celebration of Ally Yeoman but instead was a day of remembrance and tears.

Friends at the Gridley Starbucks where Aly worked wore yellow t-shirts in her honor as they handed out her favorite drink for free - Iced Americanos with white mocha and cream.

Aly's disappearance on March 30, 2017, brought us weeks of tears and angst as we waited to hear something. Her body was found on May 7, 2017 at the river east of Live Oak with her death determined to be a drowning.

The Sutter County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate Aly's disappearance and death and asks that anyone with information call 1-800-CALL-FBI or submit a tip to

As written in an article appearing in The Gridley Herald May 12, 2017, "We all join together as a large community in our grief and pray for Aly's family and hope for answers soon although this won't put an end to our grieving. Her beautiful smile will live on in our hearts. We are sorry Aly. We hoped and prayed for a better ending to this story."