Daniel Radcliff spoke to Live Oak Schools last week on the Challenges |Facing Children Around The World describing how kids can make a difference with their own lifestyle decisions. Speaking with fifth and sixth grade students at Encinal School Thursday followed by Live Oak High and Luther Schools' fourth grade, Radcliff visited the Live Oak Middle School fifth and sixth grade students on Friday.

The elementary schools also heard about mystery animals and children around the world.

The students at the middle school got involved and enjoyed hearing about Radcliff's trip around the world sharing experiences to help children think years down the road and how they can help the environment now.

His "New Community Project" means caring for the earth and talking about people and how to have a better life.

"We need to focus on children around the world today," he told the fifth and sixth graders.

When Radcliff asked the students what humans do to mess up the oceans the kids were quick to answer - trash. Radcliff told them that there is as much plastic in the oceans as fish.

When one child answered over-fishing, Radcliff told the students that pulling too many fish out of the ocean resulted in only 9,000 blue fin tuna left because of sushi.

He also explained fishing too many sharks out of the ocean means some sharks have become extinct.

"Why is it not a good idea to get rid of sharks?" Radcliff asked. The children knew the answer was that the sharks clean up the dead fish in the ocean and they are important for the eco system.

High School students learned the challenges facing our earth such as fracking in New Mexico to threats to the rainforest, consumption vs conservation, climate change and globalization.