Fifty years ago, the Beatles invaded the USA. Kaleidoscope will celebrate the Beatle’s 50th anniversary at the annual membership dinner, October 14th, 6pm, at the Gridley Community Center. Decorations, entertainment and food will be centered on a Beatles theme.

Invitations will soon be in the mail and will include the following menu:

“Imagine,” the perfect, refreshing, Autumn drink. We’ll have it for you when you walk in the door.

“You Say Good-pie, I say Jello.” You’ll think “Strawberry Fields Forever,” when you are served this delicious strawberry salad.

“Baby Back in the USSR.” But here in the good old, USA. We have tender, moist, slide off the bone, melt in your mouth, baby back ribs. And….”Blackbird” wings.

“Let It Bean” You’ll love “Eleanor Rigby’s” recipe for a side of her famous baked beans.

It took a “Hard Day’s Night” to prepare the coleslaw. With the addition of craisins, pistachios, and a rich, creamy dressing, you might cry out: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

“Here Comes the Bun” Oven baked buns for each table with plenty of butter.

“We All Live in a Yellow Submarine,” until we find out there are mini éclairs for dessert. A tempting treat of custard and cream will make us wanna sing: “We all live a life of ease, sky of blue, and sea of green, but for dessert….we’ll gladly leave the Yellow Submarine.”

Save the date, and join us for an evening of fun and good food. Dinner reservations must be made by Thursday, October 12th. $15.00. Tables of 8 may be reserved. Call Mary Ann at 846-4808. All interested parties are welcome to attend.