Following the approval of an Electric Maintenance Services Agreement by the Biggs City Council September 12, the Gridley City Council adopted the contract at the September 18, 2017 regular Council meeting.

The new contract will be effective October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2020 with a monthly fee of $23,345 for maintenance services, an increase of $4,826 per month or $57,912 increased annually.The City of Biggs will also pay a monthly charge of $3,000 per month until the $108,000 agreed upon arrearage is fully paid.

A total of 12 properties recommended for liens for weed abatement costs was presented to the Council with a combined total of $8,500. In accordance with the Gridley Municipal Code, notices to destroy weeds and remove rubbish, refuse and dirt were mailed in June to property owners of all properties that were found to be in violation of Section 8.06. Of the 12, eight complied with the notice to abate when the properties were re-inspected in July and the City proceeded with the abatement of the properties in non-compliance.

Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to rezone approximately 1.98 acres from General Commercial (C-2) and Multiple Family Residential (R-3) to High Density Residential (HDR R-4) located on the east side of Highway 99 south of Dollar General.

Council also held a Public Notice for a General Plan Amendment and Rezone of the same 1.98 acres from the General Plan Land Use designation of Commercial and Residential, High Density to Residential, High Density 2, and rezoned from General Commercial (C-2) and Multiple Family Residential (R-3) to High Density Residential located on the east side of Highway 99.

In other matters, Council approved a pump replacement project at the Corporation Yard Sewer Lift Station with TNT Industrial Contractors Inc., in the amount of $147,428 and included a 15 percent construction contingency for a total project construction budget of $169,500.

City Planner Donna Decker gave a report on a resolution presented for a Deferred Improvement agreement for the development of Iglesia Gentil de Cristo located at 1133 Locust Street deferring the on and off-site improvements.

Noting that Locust Street has no curbs, gutters and sidewalks, the church felt it would be better to wait to make these improvements as they may not meet the street improvements the City will make in the future.

"Ordinarily curb, gutter and sidewalks would be a requirement," Decker explained. In May the Planning Commission reviewed the project and provided a list of conditions for approval.

"The property owners are requesting to defer this requirement because the costs are so great and may not meet the needs of the City when it should decide to provide street improvements on Locust Street in its entirety," Decker explained.

"The applicant would pay for their fair share at the time improvements would be required in accordance with the Deferred Improvement Agreement," she explained. The church building, built in the mid 1950's will increase from 2,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet to include indoor restrooms and a stage.

Council members approved the Deferred Improvement Agreement.

"It is great to see the improvements made. The Church is very energized. They will be appreciative of this deferral," City Administrator Paul Eckert stated.

Councilman Gary Davidson reported that the T-3 substation went online with no troubles Monday and gave the credit to Electric Superintendent Daryl Dye and his crew in particular for the vast amount of money saved by them doing the work to get the substation up and running.

The $1.2 million substation was purchased a few years ago for $250,000 from the City of Healdsburg who had not used it.

The substation was tested by PG&E representatives and the City's Electrical Engineer, R&DB and Associates before it was turned on.

"The guys put the substation in themselves, saving us a million and a half I'm sure," Councilman Davidson stated.

Councilman Davidson was given the honors of hitting the switch to fire the substation up as he was involved in the purchase with then City Administrator Rob Hickey.

Dye told Council he appreciated what Councilman Davidson has done for their department. The substation came online without a hitch. The City's previous substation had been online since 1947 and the City has gone from 15 mg to 24 mg which will cover the City a long time.

"I'm very proud of the crew," Dye told Councilmen. "It was great experience and the guys did an outstanding job."