When Teacher Minden King left Sycamore School five years ago it was a big adjustment for students and staff as she traveled all the way to Biggs to make great strides and make some real differences.

As Principal of Biggs and Richvale Elementary Schools, King made a huge contribution right from the start bringing the schools to new heights and vast accomplishments.

This school year brought another big change to King's professional life as she accepted the Superintendent/Principal of Manzanita Elementary, once again working in Gridley.

Those who worked with King at Gridley Unified understand how sad the students and staff are at Biggs and Richvale as they watch their friend soar to bigger challenges now as a Superintendent/Principal.

She stated her goodbye from Biggs and Richvale was beautiful and definitely emotional especially for her. Working between both districts the past month, King said her final goodbyes in Biggs and Richvale September 5, 2017, ready to devote all her time to Manzanita.

Of course changes have already started for the 292 student school as King has introduced new curriculum with ELA/ELD for the T/K through eighth graders along with Professional Development in all the new curriculum and ordered new materials. Manzanita is now piloting a consistent math program for K-8 and she is heading up the modernization and new construction project meetings in anticipation of when the state funds are awarded for more classrooms.

She is of course grateful for the warm welcome she has received from families of the children and at the first board meeting calling it fantastic.

She has also attended Parents meetings for the Boosters Club Chicken Dinner next Friday, September 22 starting at 4:30 p.m. This major fund raiser is held each year for athletics and the Chromebook replacement program.

Thirty eighth graders will be able to take their Chromebooks home with them at the end of the year as they are considered "timed out," and there will be 60 new Chromebooks coming for third through eighth graders who will use the same Chromebook until their graduation.

King's son Alec Justeson is a junior at Biggs High and daughter Vivian is a fourth grader at Manzanita, making the change with her Mom this year.

Back to School Night was September 12 for T/K - 5th grade and September 13 at 6 p.m., for sixth through eighth grades.

More changes in store for the school with King in charge is the Nurtured Heart Approach which teachers have already learned through Professional Development.The interaction is not just with the kids but with the other staff members.

"We are seeking the best in others and shining light on those qualities," King stated

"I feel very fortunate and blessed to have started at Gridley Unified and Biggs and now at Manzanita where the children truly come first and have the support of the parents and community."

Gridley Unified, Biggs Unified and now Manzanita have all been fortunate and very blessed to have King a vital part of their teams.