The Gridley United Methodist Church has been running our Blessing Box over half a year now. It was the idea of Jerry Long, who also built the box. He saw the need in the community and the church decided it was a good ministry. The church is located at the corner of Magnolia and Haskell Streets. The Blessing Box is under the overhang leading into the church.

I would like to report that it is helping many people. We have spoken with some of the people it has been helping. All have said it has been a blessing to them. Some it helps when they run short of money at different times. Others use it pretty frequently because they are homeless. They have been very respectful of the needs of others. They take just what they need and leave items for others who may also need items. Overall, we feel our ministry is meeting a real need in our community.

The box contains a variety of things from food items to personal hygiene items. The items in the Blessing Box varies from day to day depending on what our church members have brought to be put in the Box. We also would like to encourage community members to put items in the Blessing Box. We do have several community members that donate on regular basis. You can bring items and place them in the box whenever you want to. One lady even brings her grandchildren along as they like to donate. What a great way to teach children to help others.

Items needed for the Blessing Box can be a wide range. We would like non-perishable items. Please make sure items are not expired. Items like canned soup, vegetables, canned pasta, beans, or use your imagination on what edible items to put in there. Personal hygiene items could be soap, shampoo, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene items, and lotions. If you would like to make bigger item donations like a case of something you can call Dennis at 846-4949 and he will arrange to meet you and open the church.

We call this the Blessing Box because anyone involved in it gets a blessing. The people using the Blessing Box get the blessing of receiving their needs from people who care. They know some people still care about them when they are in great need. The people putting items in the Blessing Box get the blessing of being able to help those in need and the good feeling that gives you. If you are another church and would like to start your own Blessing Box we would be glad to work with you. You can call Dennis at 846-4949 or Jerry at 846-5204.