“If you could look inside my heart, you would find so much love and realize that I’m just a normal teen trying to make her way in the world.” One year ago, you heard me say this in my speech as I ran for Miss Teen Butte County 2016. You’d find that this statement is just as true now as it was last year. My reign as 2016 Miss Teen Butte County and Congeniality has been an unforgettable experience. Through interactions with my community and court, I’ve grown so much as a young adult than I ever imagined. I am incredibly grateful that I was given the chance to participate in a wide variety of events all throughout the county. My heart has always been filled with love towards younger children and those with special needs. Luckily for me, our court was invited to attend multiple Easter egg hunts, the Butte County Office of Education Family Fun Days in Oroville, and the Special Olympics Basketball Tournament in Chico. These events catered to my love of children and exposed me to so many special needs children and adults who had the biggest love for life that I’ve ever seen. As a court, we’ve gone to so many events that it seems like our reign is over so fast! As I give my title up to another wonderful young lady, I have a few parting words. This is an amazing opportunity that no one should take for granted. Always remember to smile, stand up straight, and be the best representative of the Butte County Fair that you can be. The people that you meet through this program are amazing, and I can guarantee that you’ll make friends that will last a lifetime. Thank you for a wonderful year, but don’t worry. You haven’t seen the last of me!