It’s a warm Sunday morning at the Butte County Fairgrounds, and country music is wafting through the air over the fairgrounds’ speaker system.

A steady stream of trucks and other vehicles makes its way through the gates.

This means one thing.

It’s almost fair time!

Sunday morning, a number of area ag kids were getting a head start on this week’s activities, unloading equipment and getting their show areas ready for a busy week of showmanship and friendly competition.

Tyler Nissen, 13, of Oroville, was getting ready for his first Butte County Fair. He and his family participated in the Silver Dollar fair in Chico earlier this year.

It’s been a busy week for Nissen, who said he enjoyed having the week off from school for fair activities.

Sunday morning at the fairgrounds, Nissen was shoveling hay into a pen, getting ready for the arrival of his steer later.

It’s a yearlong process for ag kids like Nissen, who see their animal born, then help raise it, and then sell it at the fair.

“And then you start all over again next year,” Nissen said, taking a break from his prep duties.

Nissen said he loves the entire fair experience, especially meeting new people and making new friends.

Tyler Ainsley, 9, was also getting ready to show his animals, a pair of goats named Milo and Otis.

Ainsley was also helping set up the pen where Milo and Otis will spend the week, and was eager to show a visitor his presentation board, which had all kinds of useful information about goats.

What’s Tyler’s favorite part of the fair?

“Getting to hang out with my goats,” Tyler said with a smile.

The fair runs Thursday through Sunday.