Darcy Pollak has joined the Gridley Unified School District staff as the principal at Wilson Elementary. School will begin Monday, August 28, 2017 and Pollak is anxious to meet the children as they begin another school year.

Coming from Hamilton City's PreK - 8th grade elementary school Pollak thoroughly enjoyed her time as principal there and is used to many things happening at once.

Pollak grew up in Auburn after being born in Chico and returned to Chico to attend Chico State at age 18. She has lived there ever since.

In her free time Pollak enjoys golfing, basketball and water sports such as wakeboard and surfing along with traveling.

Pollak has met several staff members already and is excited about the new job and what lies ahead. Her previous school had 440 kids and Wilson Elementary has 601 kids starting August 28 so far.

"Gridley has outstanding district leadership with Jordan, (Superintendent Jordan Reeves), Mr. McIntire and the new principals. I am encouraged and excited for the school year. It seems like a tight team. The school board is active and pro-children. This was an opportunity to work for a little bit bigger district and school for me.

"I look forward to taking what I have learned through education and leadership and work with the district and Wilson School to be even better and meet the needs of all the students," sh said.

Pollak is excited to be back in the Butte County school system where there is a vast depth of resources and support.

"I loved my job with Glenn County but this is a new adventure!" she stated.