On August 12th, Gridley Youth Football and Cheer welcomed neighboring cities to an exciting day of football.  The mini jamboree works as a fundraiser during the season so it is always rewarding to see the large crowd it draws.  All spectators arrive early in the morning to see their children showcase their talents on the football field.  All teams performed well and the coaching staff is excited to see what the season holds.

 Gridley Peewee division quarterbacks Zach Smith and Anthony Sanchez provided the arms, Kyrie Brady, the new kid, or should I say the new threat on the block did the rest. Both quarterbacks threw touchdowns to Brady at last weekend’s mini jamboree. Brady caught 4 touchdown passes in all and looks to add a deep threat to the division for his team. Brady has never played before and will only get better because of his amazing work ethic according to his coach. What was also impressive was the amount of time the QBs had to get rid of the ball. Joseph Menth was a standout on the offensive and defensive line for the Titans.

Gridley heads to Colusa this weekend to faceoff against league competition in the main jamboree.

Gridley youth football games are played at Gridley High School on Saturdays.  Please visit http://www.gridleytitans.com/ to download and review the game schedule.  Like us on Facebook to be updated daily with all the announcements.

 Go Titans!