Work on the Pennington Road project at Larkin Road in Live Oak came to abrupt end early Wednesday evening, when an unmarked two inch underground gas line was damaged. With the San Bruno incident still weighing on their minds, PG&E shut electricity and gas off around 7 p.m., for not only Live Oak but also in Gridley with a total of 4,393 customers losing power in the two towns. PG&E dropped power to the 60,000 volt line that services the Live Oak area which also feeds Gridley. PG&E has the ability to switch Gridley's 60kv feed to the north, but felt by the time they could do that they would have power restored according to City of Gridley Electric Superintendent Daryl Dye who had no warning that the power in Gridley would be shut off.

At the time of the outage, Gridley Electric crews were on a service call to replace a bad transformer in Biggs, calling in extra crews to trouble shoot the outage because they hadn't been told PG&E had cut power.

Power in Gridley was restored in Gridley at approximately 9 p.m., and the Gridley crew was notified of the power being out on Nevada Street in Heron Landing subdivision and found a bad transformer, possibly due to the "in-rush" of current when the power was restored. The transformer was replaced and power was restored around 1:30 a.m.

Live Oak Mayor Jason Banks expressed appreciation for the American Red Cross who responded quickly to set up an evacuation area at the Community Center, Sutter County Sheriff's and Fire Department and Live Oak Public Works.

PG&E crews worked through the night to repair the damage in Live Oak.