Christine Hickey dreamed of finding a long term position as a Physician's Assistant amongst a close, hard working productive team with similar values as her own and she has no doubt found her niche.

Joining a staff of 11 other providers, Hickey is seeing patients at Orchard Hospital's Medical Specialty Center.

Hickey received her Bachelors of Science in 1995 from Hahnemann University School of Health Science and Humanities becoming board certified with national honors and appearing on the Dean's List.

Her Pre-med requirement studies were at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois with a Physiology, Zoology, Neuroscience minor.

Receiving her Medical Assistant Training at Bryan Institute, Hickey was second in her class for perfect attendance.

Hickey's most recent employment was at Heart of Eagle River Urgent Care and Family Medicine after working as a Medical Assistant for a Dermatologist performing laser surgery in Alaska.

Hickey's main interest is in women's health, especially menopause and in cancer screening. Her Mother died in her 40's of acral lentiginous Melanoma which gives her the personal motivation to screen for skin cancer and other forms of cancer.

In her off time she enjoys gardening and raising chickens. She looks forward to seeing more of California.

Arriving in Gridley just two weeks ago, Hickey was pleasantly surprised by how nice people are in our town. "I'm not used to so many nice people," she exclaimed.

Hickey will begin her schedule at the MSC Monday through Friday but because the clinic is open seven days a week, Hickey plans to work Friday through Monday in the future.

One of 11 children in her family, Hickey has 11 nieces and nephews and enjoys spending time with them. Her family holds a reunion somewhere in the United States every three years. She says her family is multi-cultured. She started out as a babysitter at the age of 13 in a retirement home in Belleville, Illinois her hometown. She worked in several nursing homes as a teenager helping with wound treatment aid and as a nursing assistant. Hickey taught anatomy at a vocational technical level, established the school based health clinics in Calhoun County West Virginia while in the National Health Service Core.

Her many accomplishments and affiliations include: National Board of Physician Assistant Primary Care Honors; BLS/ACLS certified; Diabetic Association Award for volunteer services; Volunteer Medical Services in Matamoros, Mexico and Plains, Georgia; Volunteer Physical Therapy Services for the homeless in Gainsville, Florida; Assistant Girl Scout Leader, St. Louis Citizens Award and Pregnancy Crisis Fund Raising in Eagle River.

"I chose Gridley because I wanted to work weekends, the friendliness of the people and I am interested in Northern and Southern California," she explained. Though she loved her three years in Alaska, Hickey felt it was time for a change and she already feels she made the right choice.