Although the Gridley-Biggs Police are stopping to speak with teens sitting in the gazebo at Daddow Park about the damage done, the damage continues to the point of Chief of Police Dean Price and City Administrator Paul Eckert stating this is vandalism and charges will be filed.

The City of Gridley spent $400,000 (much of it grant money) to build the skateboard park just a block away which makes it that much more frustrating that the gazebo is being used this way. The edges of the wall in the gazebo are being chipped away by the vandalism and the teens were warned to stay away before Farmers Market and returned after the clean up to be told to stay away again.

Parents, please inquire where your children are riding their skateboards and warn them they will be charged with vandalism if caught destroying public property.

The park just opened in May so to have this much obvious damage done by bored teens already is distressing for city crews who worked so hard to give us a beautiful park once again.