The outpouring of donations of Gatoraid, bottled water and diapers was so overwhelmingly effective during the Wall Fire that volunteers at the County building at 2081 Second Street asked that donations stop on Sunday.

Displaced families that lost their homes are in need of everything to set up housekeeping and calls to this newspaper for a location to drop off household items, groceries etc., prompted calls for information Tuesday.

Monetary donations can be made to the Red Cross (Phone number 530-673-1460) or The Salvation Army or call 1-800-728-7825 along with North Valley Community Foundation,, which has a special section that pops up automatically for the Wall Fire to provide money to those in need. The phone number to call is 530-891-1150.

A facebook thread has been established where people can post items they would like to donate, or make comments of need and this can be read at County, although Butte County is not vetting information posting but merely creating a place for conversation to happen for those who want to possibly donate household items, etc. As of Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 11 a.m., the fire was contained at 75 percent.