District Attorney Mike Ramsey reminded the public today that any possession of fireworks, even those designated as “safe and sane,” within the unincorporated portions of Butte County is illegal and strictly prohibited. Ramsey noted that only the cities of Oroville and Gridley allow for the sales of “safe and sane” fireworks within their city limits.

Ramsey noted that any lighting or even possession of any fireworks outside those city limits is illegal and subject to fines upwards of a $1000 and six months in county jail. With the recent hot weather, fire danger will be high and any possession in the county area will be vigorously prosecuted.

“Do not buy fireworks within the city and believe just because they are designated as ‘safe and sane’ that they can be taken out of the city. No fireworks can leave the city limits,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey also warned that any fire either intentionally or negligently set by fireworks would be prosecuted as a felony.