As temperatures rise, many North State PG&E customers will use more energy and incur higher bills to stay cool.  With six simple steps, PG&E residential customers can save as much as $400 on their energy bills over the year.

These tips are tailored specifically for gas and electric residential customers in hotter climates like the North Valley to help them reduce their energy usage and lower their energy bills.

The savings amounts are illustrative only. Actual savings will vary as few households are typical.

1. Seal air leaks: gaps and cracks between the inside and outside of a customer’s home can allow cooled air to escape in the summer. Sealing air leaks on doors or windows can save up to $95 on annual cooling costs.

2. Raise the thermostat: customers can save up to $85 on annual cooling costs for each degree the temperature is increased in their home during the hot summer months.

3. Turn off AC when leaving: turning off the air conditioning before leaving home will save up to $65 annually, especially for customers on a Time of Use rate plan or when there is a SmartDay event for those on a SmartRate plan.

4. Improve shading for windows: Enhancing shade on windows can save up to $60 each year by ensuring the sun doesn’t heat up the inside of a home.

5. Maintain AC: air conditioners use more energy than necessary if they are not properly maintained. Maintaining a home’s AC this summer will help the system last longer and save up to $50 each year.

6. Check air filters once a month: heating and cooling consume the most energy in the average home — up to 50 percent of total home energy use. Cleaning or replacing filters monthly will improve energy efficiency and save up to $45 each year.