Gridley's Medical Specialty Center will be the perfect fit for Dr. Bradley Jones, D.O. as he starts his new family practice here this week.

Dr. Jones specializes in primary care from pediatrics to adults and has even delivered his fair share of babies over the years while working Obstetrics. 

Hailing from Licking, Missouri, Dr. Jones followed friends to this area and is looking forward to hunting and his favorite hobby, hot rods, primarily Mustangs.

One of his many specialties is joint arthritis, Dr. Jones gives injections that can totally change a person's condition immediately without the use of prescriptions. He primarily does injections in knees, shoulders and heel spurs using trigger point injections.

Dr. Jones' did his internship in the Osteopathic field and did a combined residency.

He of course loves the weather here compared to Missouri where it ranges from 26 below to 106 in the same week.

He comes from a farming family, growing up in northwest Missouri where they farmed corn and soybeans on a traditional farm raising hogs, chickens and their own milk cows.

His family was so self-sufficient they went to town primarily to sell their eggs or get flour and sugar - everything else was grown on the farm.

Dr. Jones worked with Orchard Hospital CEO Steve Stark at Texas County Hospital which had 65 beds at that time. He also worked at St. John's part of Mercy Health System in St. Louis.

Dr. Jones has two daughters 22 and 19-years-old and is extremely pleased to be a part of this wonderful community.