It takes a special person or in this case persons to take on the job of Coordinator of the Butte County Fair's Scholarship Competition Program.

Known in the past as a beauty pageant, the program now focuses on scholarships and community participation - in a big way.

There are many pluses to being involved in this program that holds several teenage girls together for a year as they learn the importance of giving community service, learning to compete and represent the Fair in a positive way.

David and Tereasa Brockman have devoted much of their time to this rewarding program over several years.They became Directors in December of 2011 and both have been involved since 2009 when their oldest daughter Brianna was just 10 years old. Brianna will be  heading to UCLA in September majoring in Chemistry, Criminology and will minor in Psychology.

Brianna's goal is to work for the FBI as a Forensic Scientist.

This involvement for David and Tereasa began when Tereasa asked then Director Michelle Carr if she minded if Brianna tagged along to see what the program entails, sometimes going with the 2011 Court of Honor and other times on her own.

Carr asked Tereasa to be a director and it wasn't long before she enlisted the help of David.

"There are 33 scheduled events not counting specific requests to help with events such as fund raisers. Some courts want to be out there a lot some are happy with the 33 events. We try to find a happy medium,"Tereasa explained.

The job of the Coordinator of the Scholarship Competition is for an individual who is a proven leader that understands their title is one that requires them to be selfless while putting the integrity of the Miss Butte County Scholarship Program and the Butte County Fair at the forefront of every decision and action.

This well-established community member seeks to enhance the viability of the scholarship program. They will manage one to two other Directors in addition to nine Royal Court members with their parents/guardians. The Coordinator's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizing the entire Program from Competition Camps to the year's events, develop scholarship and donation opportunities, Presidential Volunteer Service Award tracking and submission, be a Fair Liaison and work closely alongside other Directors throughout the Year.

Each Director will be responsible for their designated Royal Courts. There will be a minimum of two but no more than three Directors.

Missette and Teens may have the same Director.

The Coordinator oversees the entire program to ensure that the Program and Fair's integrity is maintained at the highest level; design, ordering and coordination of sashes, crowns, crown boxes, name tags, banners and polo shirts for Royal Court; Solicit and track scholarship/donation requests from local business, individuals, service organizations, etc.,; plan and coordinate entire competition schedule; Fair liaison and PVSA tracking and submission.

Two directors are needed and this job entails working alongside the Program Coordinator to ensure Program and Fair's integrity is maintained at the highest level; application review; orientation; opening act; dress rehearsal; judges (15 competition/five personality interview and community service); judges, contestant and community volunteer gifts; event schedule; recruitment; emcee; 1 on 1 with Director; agreement review; Competition camps - three; stage design - set up and take down and Director escorts at events.

Both the Brockman's are very busy couple besides this commitment they made. Dave has worked for Cal-Fire 10 years and Yuba City Fire 13 years before that. Tereasa is a Phlebotomist at Orchard Hospital and it is up to them to find their replacements.

"We need someone with a very giving heart and a lot of time to dedicate," Tereasa commented. "This is very rewarding, a fun commitment and we have met a lot of very nice people along the way."

Directors are now needed for this Scholarship Program

which will include volunteering and assisting with carrying on the wonderful history of excellence that is the Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition Program, which has been a part of the Butte County Fair for nearly 50 years. Candidates will be selected by resume and follow up interview. Interviews to take place in early June 2017.

All interested individuals submit a resume for the volunteer position to Tereasa Brockman c/o Butte County Fair, 199 E Hazel Street, Gridley 95948 or by email at
Deadline for resume submission is May 26, 2017.