FS 74

With the spring planting season finally here, the Gridley Fire Fighters would like to talk a little about some landscaping options while still staying fire-safe!

A fire-safe landscape isn't necessarily the same thing as a well-maintained yard. A fire-safe landscape uses fire-resistant plants that are strategically planted to resist the spread of fire to your home. Fire resistant plants are great in California because they are often drought tolerant too.

The good news is, you don't need a lot of money to make your landscape fire safe. You will find that a fire-safe landscape can increase your property value and conserve water while beautifying your home.

•Create fire-safe zones with stone walls, patios, decks and roadways.

•Use rock, mulch, flower beds and gardens as ground cover for bare spaces and as effective firebreaks.

•There are no "fire-proof" plants. Select high moisture plants that grow close to the ground and have a low sap or resin content.

•Choose fire-retardant plant species that resist ignition such as rockrose, ice plant and aloe.

•Fire-resistant shrubs include hedging roses, bush honeysuckles, currant, cotoneaster, sumac and shrub apples.

•Plant hardwood, maple, poplar and cherry trees that are less flammable than pine, fir and other conifers.

Check your local nursery, landscape contractor or county extension service for advice on fire-resistant plants that are suited for your environment, and help to plan you landscape.