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  • Have You Seen This? Drummer doesn’t ‘miss a beat’

  • The drummer from the band Weezer catches a Frisbee midperformance without "missing a beat." (Sorry about the pun.)
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  • ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida — I haven’t rubbed elbows with any famous musicians, but I’m sure they could all regale us with stories about things people have thrown on stage. From weird and gross to downright dangerous, I have no doubts they’ve seen it all.Performing alone can make one high-strung, so it’s probably nerve-wracking to have unidentified flying objects greet a performer on stage, especially if they come close enough to hit him.So I’m sure it’s not often that musicians can seamlessly incorporate stage flotsam and jetsam into their performance that both elicits cheers from the crowd and doesn’t stop the flow of a performance.Weezer’s drummer, Patrick Wilson, had just this kind of experience at a recent show in Florida. During the band’s song “Beverly Hills,” Wilson tracks a Frisbee as it heads towards him, catches it with his left hand and puts in his mouth so he doesn’t miss a stroke. He then calmly sets the Frisbee aside and grins like a fool at his feat, and rightly so.Were I in Wilson’s position, if I managed not to get hit in the face in the first place, I’m sure I would’ve dropped the stick, gotten the Frisbee somehow tangled in the kit making it unplayable and stopped the show for 20 minutes so I could put my kit back together.A view from the stage can be seen here, and a view from the audience can be seen by clicking here.
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