Sunday, April 30 marked one month that 20-year-old Aly Yeoman disappeared leaving family and friends as well as a large community hurting and wondering where she is.

Family members addressed a crowd of over 200 Sunday night asking that anyone with information please come forward.

"Somebody knows something," Aly's best friend Kristen Stewart told the crowd through tears. "Can you imagine being the father of one, going home every night, wondering where your daughter has been the last month, who has she been with, is she safe and has she been fed. Try to put yourself in that position. Try to put yourself in the position of her grandparents who have been there since she was a baby. Picking  her up from school taking her to games. Where is she? 

Aly's Mother, aunt and best friend took the microphone to ask for help with information.

"She is out there somewhere," her aunt stated. "All you folks know many, many people. Somebody out there knows something. You don't just disappear. Something happened to her and somebody knows something. Please come forward and put this family back together. We are in pain. How many vigils do we have to have? How many exploited women and children do we have to have? 

"Aly, baby girl, stay strong. We will never give up looking for you. We know you are out there. We will find you. Stay strong, keep the faith please bring out baby girl home."

Aly was last seen March 30, 2017 leaving a home at 1844 Romero Street in Yuba City around approximately 10 p.m., and her green 1998 Toyota Tacoma pickup was seen on surveillance tape on Pennington Road in the Live Oak Recreation Area becoming stuck in the mud. A single set of footprints were seen leaving the truck and Aly's cellphone was found nearby.

The FBI and Sutter County Sheriff's Department continue to investigate the disappearance of Aly. The reward for information on Aly is up to $50,000 and anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or submit a tip to

There is a gofundme account online called Find Alycia Yeoman for donations towards the reward which is currently at $50,000.

Aly's great-uncle told the crowd, "You may hear something. Something you think might not amount to much. But please, if you know anything, the police are putting together many little pieces. What you may tell them could help a lot."