The Gridley United Methodist Church has established a Blessing Box at the front of the church at the corner of Magnolia and Haskell Streets.  The Blessing Box will be available to whoever needs to get items from it. 

The idea of setting up a Blessing Box came from Jerry Long.  He saw an article that talked about a blessing box at another church.  He brought the idea to the church and members  thought it was a great idea.  Jerry then built the box that is located under the overhang in front of the church. The Blessing Box is simply a box where people put items in that others may need.  If people need it they can come and take a blessing.

The church started this a couple of weeks ago and it has had much use.  One lady who used it said word is out and the Methodists are called “the church with the box”.  She also said how good it was to have a place to get an item when you are hungry.  She told us about how happy one lady was just to get a toothbrush and toothpaste.  There are the people in our community that need items most of us give little thought to.  We are just trying to help fill a need for those people.  This was a good way to do that.  It is a blessing for us to give and a blessing to those that receive so it is a true Blessing Box.

If you would like to help us fill the Blessing Box just stop by and put your items into the box. If you would like more information call 846-4949 and talk with Dennis or Rose Conklin.

Items that may go in the box could be nonperishable food, like canned goods like soup, stew, pasta products, vegetables, or other canned items.  The canned items if possible should be in easy open cans.  Items like wrapped crackers, pouch items like tuna snacks, cups of mac and cheese, cups of soup or other easy to prepare items. Hygiene items, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap or other items like that could also be put in the box.