It took just two months for Gridley High School and Orchard Hospital to implement a Career Technical Eduction (CTE) Health Sciences Academy for high school students interested in a future in the medical profession.

When Gridley High Principal Joey Adame puts his mind to something it doesn't take long to get a team on board and see the task through to fruition, much like the welding and floral design academies, in their second school year.

With a teacher on campus, the hospital will be available when a lesson plan requires an actual hospital setting. 

The Health Science Academy was just one of five discussed during the 2017 Gold Ribbon interviews held Monday at Gridley High. Students interested in the medical field for a profession were able to tell their views on the newest academy to be offered at Gridley High starting next year.

By officering these Pathways to the students at the high school Orchard Hospital is helping to ensure their success and hopes that they will be able to stay and work locally.

A completed pathway added to a diploma from Gridley High means a college-ready education along with additional real world job skills and experiences, not possible in a traditional high school setting.

Students are able to earn college credits with Butte College and hold industry certifications which will help in their future job seeking and make it possible to have intern possibilities with local businesses.

First year students following the Health Sciences Academy will gain an understanding of some of the many careers available to them in the introductory course Healthcare Occupations. Intermediate students will deepen their understanding through taking Medical Terminology where they will learn to understand, interpret and speak as well as write in the complex language of the medical professions. Third year students will learn nursing services.

In the partnership between Gridley High and Orchard Hospital, students will interact with hospital staff and get a chance to see first hand what it's like to work in 21st century healthcare. Students will mark their progress with CPR and First Aid Certificates and are encouraged to supplement their skills through taking the Nursing Services Class and supplement their skills through taking Anatomy and Physiology as one of their science courses at Gridley High.

Graduates of the Gridley High Health Science Pathway will be able to offer potential employers multiple certifications and a proven record of work-based learning experiences and skills.