In a special Gridley City Council meeting Thursday morning Mayor Frank Hall and Council members expressed their gratitude for City employees who came to work Sunday when the Mandatory Evacuation was given with many working night and day.

City Electric and Public Works crews drove City streets in an effort to keep the streets and public safe.

The Gridley-Biggs Police Department has been commended by many citizens who observed they and the CHP for the constant coverage stopping vehicles and watching over homes.

Law enforcement stopped any vehicles first on the chance they had not heard of the mandatory evacuation and second to be told they were staying at their own risk.

Gridley's 9-1-1 center was ablaze with hundreds of calls coming in and for a short time Oroville's 9-1-1 center was forwarding calls to Gridley before those calls were rerouted to Paradise.

"We tripled our coverage in the City thanks to the addition of California Highway Patrol Officer, " Chief Dean Price stated.

Of course to have this much coverage meant having to feed the troops and Chief Price said they were able to get food from Safeway's deli and Casa Lupe Deli provided free food for the officers working.

Gasoline was reserved at 7-11 for the patrol vehicles and Union 76 was used by many of the officers on duty.

"The town was reasonably quiet, with just one known burglary at this time," Chief Price stated.

Chief Price gives credit to the citizens who responded quickly when told to leave on short notice.

"Citizens were calm for the most part, lawful and patient with returning. This is very much appreciated as it makes our job easier," the Chief said.

"GBPD has the responsibility of keeping the public safe in both Gridley and Biggs and we had good contact with Mayor Thompson and City Administrator Mark Sorenson along with our City Administrator Paul Eckert and Council here," Chief Price stated.

The biggest impact may be the loss of the floating boat ramp, which in the scheme of things is not a huge concern.

The boat ramp was designed to float with the rise of the river but went downstream and the condition will be reviewed later when things settle down.

The main reason for the Thursday meeting was to ratify the emergency declared at 6:11 p.m., Sunday in accordance with the California Emergency Services Act.

"In order to obtain State and Federal dollars to help with the repairs, a local emergency must be declared," the staff report requesting the ratification stated.

"Staff acted extraordinarily, unselfishly. They came to work to protect lives and property.

"I appreciate the Council's help with what was needed," City Administrator Eckert told Council members.

Mayor Hall said everyone pulled together and made the evacuation work well.