“Rain, Rain, go away come again another day, little Johnny wants to play”.

Not… Our previous drought condition says that Johnny needs to stay indoors and play Monopoly or Twister or something; get those brothers and sisters away from the video games and play some real games. We certainly need the rain and snow to help with the drought conditions we have been dealing with here in California for the last few years. 

Yay, Rain! I mean, “Oh No Rain”. Some have found increases in problems and illnesses thanks to our extra water. When the rain comes down, pauses for a little while, dries out some, and then starts up again, this plays havoc with allergies. Molds start growing, some trees start blooming early, and trips to the allergist begins. Your friends, co-workers and neighbors start with a runny nose and coughing, and sneezing; you don’t know if they have a cold, the flu or allergies.

Pretty soon, everyone is hacking and coughing and running low grade fevers, and going to doctors trying figure out who to blame for making them sick.

Then there is that addition to the house, or the new solar panels you put on your roof causing a drip, drip, drip, where the water runs into the wall, or drips in the ceiling from the holes in the roof that didn’t get sealed well. Oh, yeah- our friend, the Black Mold, starts growing where we can’t see it, but yet we can’t figure out why it smells musty and moist in the room. The kids seem to be getting sick all the time and not wanting to go to school. Our friend, the water, sneaks in where we least expect it.

“I told you not to walk through the mud and water puddles; now look at your feet; all red and broken out because your shoes are soaked all the time… Sure enough, your kid isn’t really an athlete, but those water-logged shoes are the perfect place for fungus to grow and infect those feet. Athlete’s foot itches, and burns, and those wet shoes start to stink. Throw those buggars away and get some dry shoes for that kid. There are antifungal creams you can purchase over the counter and keeping feet clean and dry will help too.

Get a headache when there are clouds in the sky? Yup! Some people are sensitive to the change in barometric pressure and when those gray and dark clouds start rolling in; so does your headache.

And watch out for falling objects, like limbs, when you are walking under a tree in the rain. There are plenty of You Tube videos out there showing people getting injured by flying and falling debris in a storm; don’t be one of those victims. If you have to go out into the wind and the rain, be aware of your surroundings. 

“I feel it in my bones” and “feeling under the weather” didn’t just come out of nowhere. The weather affects our bodies in many ways. According to WebMD, barometric pressure changes can cause joint pain. So if your great aunt starts complaining about shoulder pain or achy knees, it may be time to grab your raincoat.