Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea presented very deserving recognition to members of his department Monday, in acknowledgement of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Of course these officers deserve credit each and every day for putting their lives on the line, facing dangerous situations, but on this special day certificates and plaques were bestowed on many in the department including office staff and dispatch who are an integral part of the success stories heard.

Sheriff Honea had particularly dangerous situations to describe for some of the honorees where they put others lives before them while saving many lives.

Sergeant Josh Brozzi received a Letter of Commendation based on his investigation into numerous auto burglaries and vehicle thefts that occurred in the Chico, Gridley and Durham areas taking extra effort to investigate the series of crimes while still working patrol and acting as the Field Training Officer to other deputies.

Employees who were nominated by their co-workers for exceptional work and leadership were: Giovanni LoCascio of Search and Rescue, Volunteer of the Year; Taylar Hovey, Civilian Staff Member of the Year; Cameron Camp, Correctional Technician of the Year; Jennifer Honea, Public Safety Dispatcher of the Year; Michael Legg, Correctional Deputy of the Year and Matt Calkins, Deputy Sheriff of the Year.

Leadership Recognition Awards were presented to Sheriff Sergeants Steve Collins, Jason Hail, Robert Cooley and Records Supervisor Melissa Jones.

A group of employees were honored for their bravery during an incident involving a suicidal person last year where their efforts contributed to a safe and peaceful resolution to a tense and dangerous situation. Those honored for this dedication were: Sheriff's Sergeant Brett Marsters, Deputy Sheriff's Ryan Hutts, Chris D'Amato, Brian Evans, Joseph Bosch, Michael Worch and Nathan Hedlind of Butte County Behavioral Health Councilor, Supervisor.

During the hour long ceremony, Sheriff Honea mentioned how much it means to see the glowing posts on the department's facebook page noting actions taken and appreciation shown by the public.

The Sheriff continued by honoring a group of deputies who  brought a family disturbance to a safe and peaceful resolution after a tense and dangerous situation involving a baseball bat and machete. Those honored with certificates were Sheriff's Sergeant Brad Meyer and Deputy Sheriff's Bradley Buchwalter, Vong Vang, Vicente Arredondo, Michael Baker, Angelo Tavelli and Matt Calkins.

Correctional Technician Trina Hunter was awarded a Letter of Commendation  based on the way she handled the release of an inmate with special needs and gave extra effort to his release, embodying the department's community caretaker role.

Deputy Sheriff Brian Mollath was honored with the Sheriff's Commendation Award based on his efforts to prevent a distraught female from jumping to her death from the Rio Lindo Channel Bridge.

"Deputy Mollath acted decisively in an  effort to protect the female from harm, without regard to his own safety, by physically pulling her away from the bridge," Sheriff Honea stated.

Sheriff Honea also stated the female expressed that she was grateful to Deputy Mollath for saving her life.

Correctional Deputy James Flicker was recognized for his handling of an incident involving an explosive device that was brought to the Butte County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Flicker's calm disposition, personal initiative, quick thinking and loyal dedication to duty safeguarded the lives of dozens of citizens, children, staff and families.

The end of the ceremony was saved for the Sheriff's Commendation Award to Sergeant Jason Piazza and Deputy Matthew Galvez based on the manner in which they handled a call involving a distraught, knife wielding female, who threatened to stab both of them.

"Both Sergeant Piazza and Deputy Galvez chose to physically subdue the suspect, placing themselves in danger of great physical injury. Their tactics were successful, resulting in the arrest of the female without injury.

Sheriff Honea concluded by inviting everyone to stay for refreshments.