Good News so far the meteorologists were wrong about temps in the 20s for Gridley.  My more tender plants are carefully tucked in and staying frost free.  The seed catalogs have been filling up my mail box all month long.  I love looking at the seeds and all of the interesting tools of possibility that are displayed in these catalogs.

Once in a while I order something that I can not find in town.  Things like butternut squash designed to have smaller vines, zucchini that does not sprawl but still produces enough zucchini to share.  Most of the time I buy seeds right here in town at Ace Hardware.  I like the quality and the price of the Squirrels Choice seeds.  That is where I get my burlap for tucking in some of my tender plants.  Their garden section is quite good for a small store, I love to shop local when I can.

I think it is wonderful that as it rains and blows outside I can tuck myself inside playing Scrabble against the mini iPad, do some knitting and treat the seed catalogs like long lost friends.